February 20, 2009

a meme....

Ok, this is just downright hilarious!! I discovered this meme at Allsorts. You just need to do a Google search of "unfortuately, ________" , adding your name in the blank. Make sure you enclose with quotation marks. I had to use my first name to get any hits, because there are too few folk witht the name Llyn. Here are some examples:

Unfortunately, Lori's health remains delicate due to the very harsh conditions she endured during the early years of her incarceration. ...

Unfortunately, Lori is still struggling with headaches during the day.

Unfortunately, Lori
fell for Mark's deceptions, and he plucked her up out of her world, and wove her within his complex web of lies. ...

Unfortunately, Lori paid the ultimate price. I'm very sorry for that and I am happy Mr. DeKleine was convicted.

Unfortunately, Lori
’s documentary on ozone and environmental issues has deadly fallout.

Unfortunately, Lori’s jet-setting big-city life isn’t what she dreamed it would be.

Unfortunately, Lori had turned to alcohol and marijuana to escape the emotional pain she carried.

Unfortunately, Lori
cannot overpower the swarm of burly bodyguards surrounding the mobster, in spite of her formidable fighting prowess.

Unfortunately, Lori
is a little more skewered.

Unfortunately Lori passed away in October 2005 leaving a huge loss in the schnauzer community.

I'm cracking up here. These are all legit!! And there were many more!!


  1. sounds like great material for soap operas!

    thank you for the nice comment on my blog and for adding a link to my giveway.

    i love your little photo and quote. VERY FUN!!!


  2. You know, I tried it too, and while it was funny with someone else's name, I didn't feel the same when it was my own! ;o) So I turned it around and used Fortunately instead and it was still hilarious without making me quite so uncomfortable. What can I say...I'm sensitive!

  3. Aw, and I had such faith that you could overpower the burly bodyguards!

  4. This is hilarious! And, also sad for the Schnauzer community. I've done this with is as in "Patty is..." Now I'll have try unfortunately.


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