March 16, 2009

A birthday...

My heart dog, Violet turned 9 yesterday having been born in the evening of Mar. 15, 2000. I knew that my girlfriend would be having corgi puppies around St. Patty's Day, and that I would get my pick. (well, her dogs, not her ~grin~) This is what I was doing the night she was born...

...playing an old Welsh air called "The Maid from the Parish of Pendaryn" in front of 1400 people at the Celtic Fling at our local high school. I wondered why my friend was not there to see/hear me play. I was pleasantly surprised to find out later that she was birthing puppies!! She was the sweetest thing! Went everywhere with me in the back of my Subaru. Even went to work with me everyday. When I changed jobs, she had to stay home. She was a good girl and there were no issues.

Today she is an elegant lady, and we just had to have a party! (Well, her barkday really started on Saturday where she was treated to a grooming! She got a baff, her toesies clipped and her toofers brushed. They put a pretty bow in her ear, but she shook it out before I could get a photo!)

The bakery made us cupcakes with dog bones on them!

Yum, yum, mama!

Bailey enjoyed his cake and ice cream too!

Kitties like birthday goodies!

Is there more up there on the counter mama?

Bailey wants to know too!

Every birthday grrrrrl needs new toys to guard.

and of course little brother needs a new toy for sisters birthday too!

What we won't do for our fur-kids :-)

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