March 14, 2009

Pinkie Saturday!!!

Boy, do Pink Saturdays roll around fast!!! Be sure to visit our sweet hostess BEVERLY at How Sweet the Sound to see the ever growing list of PINK participants!!

I thought I'd start this PS with a couple vignettes from around my house.

This is my vanity in the bathroom. ALL of my jewelry and perfume is here. I'm not sure what the little dress form om the left is for, but right now she sports my necklace of vintage heart charms. (This one might make a cute blog header, eh?)

This is part of my ironing center. I found the pretty little mug with the roses at Goodwill on Thursday. The sweet little pink bowl holds my straight pins.

Don't you adore this bag?? I got it from a vendor at last's weeks flea market. It's covered in clear vinyl is why it's so shiny!

And last, but not least, I won a giveaway from Mermaids of the Lake!!! I've been wanting to share, but made myself wait til Pink Saturday!!

It was wrapped in this pretty pink paper...

the box had this pretty pink flower and ribbon...

and inside, well, I can only say LUSCIOUS!! A fab bracelet and earring set!! Very sparkly and feminine.

So everyone have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY and don't forget to visit the other pinkies!!!


  1. Wow. Absolutely beautiful jewelry. I would like something like that for my birthday. (which is in 15 days, hint, hint)
    Happy Saturday!

  2. pretty pinks! Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I find this bag fantastic!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  4. OOHHH YEAHHH!!! I ADORE your bag and earrings!!! And all your furry friends!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving nice words,
    happy pink w.e,
    P.S. Hubby and I are Dr. House fans, too!!!;)

  5. You're right...the first photo would make a nice header. Thanks for visiting and happy pinking.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your blog pinkies this Saturday. This is one day of the week where I get to satisfy my ♥ for everything PINK!

  7. What sweet treats! I make sure there is pink in every room in my house ... much to my husband's dismay! {Giggle} Thank you for stopping by my Teacup Cottage. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. I love your pinks, they are so lovely, thank you for sharing !

  9. What lovely things! I see you have the Meyer's Clean Day geranium scented cleaner!! I love that bag - it's so cheerful and pink!!

  10. Very pretty pinks! have an ironing rock!

  11. Hi Llyn, I love your pink posts and I was especially loving your ironing center. Oh, how I wish I had room for an ironing center. I am always inspired by taking the mundane-ordinary, such as an area for household chores... and making it special and extraordinary. Thank you! And then... I scrolled to the bottom and saw your pictures of the our giveaway. Thank you so much! It thrills us to see something we have made being happily used by someone else. We used the box that we sent you as part of our Pink Saturday too, and linked it to you. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  12. Hi Llyn,
    Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing your pinks. Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Yeah, I'm so glad you won. Such a pretty necklace and earrings. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing.


  14. I love to see how people live and their gorgeous pocessions. Happy Pink Saturday, Char
    I post under someplace in thyme and not english cottage rose

  15. Wonderful pink things! I love that bag! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Great Blog!! Thanks for visiting mine. I will be back to read more!
    Have a great evening.

  17. happy PS! I love your vanity vignette.. and that giveaway you won just so pretty.. congrats!

  18. All so pretty, but I do like that purse the best. What a great idea! Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. I do love that bag....I have seen pillows made out the vianl material....but I haven't seen anything with material that pertty....
    Mo :-)

  20. Congratulations on that fantastic win. It is beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing all of your pinks with us today.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Llyn.

  21. Hello Llyn. Congratulations. Your new jewelry will be a nice addition to your vanity together with the other treasures :-)

    That bag is not only pretty but easy to clean as well :-)


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