April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday bird watching

MDH and I spent Easter Sunday like we do most holidays..nestled in the den watching movies all day. My spot on the sofa affords me a great view of of the 'bird yard' where I have numerous houses and feeders. All day long I can watch the feeding and comin's and goin's of all the resident birdies...house sparrows, scrub jays, flickers and woodpeckers. Imagine my surprise to look up and see a whole flock of something new!!! I managed to get this photo of a pair, male and female, on the black oil sunflower feeder. Beautiful!

Evening Grosbeaks!! I've only ever seen one or two at a time, and not every year. There must have bee 20 of them all over the feeders!! Made my day! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!

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  1. Beautiful! What a great picture! You must have a really good camera to get such a close up of those beautiful birds. Last year I had the pleasure of having a few Rosebreasted Goosbeaks at my feeder. I had never seen them before. You were truly blessed to see such beautiful birds at your feeder!


I'm so happy that you visited my little blog! Thank you for the lovely comment and have a superb day!!