April 18, 2009

No Pink Saturday for me this week :-(

Well, I just didn't have time to get anything together this week. We've been way too busy with trying to get the spare bedroom remodel done before the good weather hits and we have to spend all of our time in the yard. I'm beginning to regret putting in so many flower beds. The older I get the less upkeep I feel like doing. The yards are a total mess because I never get around to doing any fall clean-up. Woe is me.

How embarrassing!!!

This weekend is supposed to be very warm, so hopefully we can something done. Today we're going to an awesome local nursery, Schilling's Solar City Gardens.

Everything they have is propagated locally to withstand our High Desert environment. I'll be looking for some PINK ROSES. I've never tried roses here, so we'll see.

My hens and chicks survived the winter in a grand fashion! I just can't seem to get enough of them!!

Time to make breakfast! I'll be back later with, hopefully, pictures of my new rose bushes!!

(My 1 year blogiversary is on the 23rd of this month. I'll be doing an awesome giveaway, so check back!!)

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  1. Hi Llyn, my yard is in the same state and here I sit. My house needs some love too. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment! Have a good, productive week.

    Mermaid Debbie


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