April 18, 2009

Shopping trip...garden and thrifting

Went to the nursery. It was lovely as usual, just too early in the season to be too lush and green. They do great little vignette displays, but I only got a couple of pics before my camera died.

This is a storage... shed. Love it!

I didn't buy any of their roses..they were $30! Not knowing if I could even grow roses, I opted for these $6.00 beauties from Wal-mart, along with a couple sweet hyacinths coming into bloom.

I did buy a nice rosemary plant, a couple of sedums and this pretty pink geranium at the nursery. They didn't have the place filled yet, so will go back in a few weeks.

We did go thrifting as well. I don't seem to bring as much home these days as I've done in the past. Maybe I'm getting more selective, or maybe I'm just feeling really cheap!!

I came home with these adorable shoes!!!

This sweet vinatge clock that works perfectly...

and these cutie patooties..

Had a great day and now it's time to bbq burgers!!! Thank goodness for spring!!!


  1. I love the shed with the bird houses on it! I love feeding the birds! And they help me by eating up all of those bugs in our yard!
    I went antiquing Tuesday and didn't find a thing or a thing that was affordable. They wanted the same price for used as it cost new ~ Fiesta made in WV. I'll buy new!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am thrilled that it is your desk top photo. The shed and birhouses are great, Loved the pic of your yard...don't be embarrased mine looks a mess too!! With all the shops and a full time day job, no time for the yard. Hubby is on vacation all week..bet I won't get too much help, if I am not here to direct it doesn't get done, hehehe!! Many Blessings! Janna

  3. I love that angel face rose!

  4. The shoes and clock are just too cute!


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