April 19, 2009


Was anyone else outraged when they saw the new Burger King commercial? I'm glad I'm not alone. They just can't win for losing. Check this one out. I'd be finding me a new ad agency pronto. Besides, I think the new 'king' is hideous! We don't eat there anyway.


  1. I completely and totally agree with you! That King makes my skin crawl! They have messed up bad!

  2. Ok. I am in agreement with you. I am far from a prude, but this thing is over the top-is it really OK to talk about big butts in a commercial for food? I have a feeling they thought this would be a big risk-taking thing that would make them stand out. Well, it worked. I also think they were trying to appeal to younger audiences, but my 26 year old son thought it was too much as well.

    Oh........I love your blog-LOL!


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