May 18, 2009

Another new bird!

We had another new bird on the sunflower seed feeder today!

He's a Black-headed Grosbeak! Not a great picture, as I had to sneak up on him! He's got a seed in his mouth! Cute! Prior to seeing him, there was another bird on the feeder that I didn't recognize, but it flew away before I could get a photo. Come to find out, it was probably his mate because it was a female!

This is a photo from the internet, but that's her!! Sweet!

We also have a couple of sweet tiny Yellow Warblers hanging around, but they are too quick for me!! Here's what they look like...

Itty bitty things! I LOVE bird watching!!

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  1. Sweet! I've never seen one of those. I did have a rosebreasted goosbeak about two years ago. They still come from time to time. I just love seeing all of the different birds that come to my feeders.


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