May 18, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures

It's Monday, and time for....

Found another nice rose picture...

A sweet basket, tiny pink watering can, a Homer Laughlin plate, and a cookbook from 1936!

Nearly new Keds!

A darling jean jacket crying out for some rick rack..

a to die for apron...

I might make a tote bag out of these placemats..

Hope you all had a great thriftin' weekend!!


  1. All great finds, especially the apron and the placemats. I think I can see a tote from those mats too!

  2. Love all of your bargains!! The apron is too cute and can't wait to see the new tote :)

  3. I love seeing what everyone has found in their treasure hunting. You found some fabulous treasures. I love them all.

  4. I used to have one of those Laughlin plates--I think it's the pattern called Fluffy Rose. Isn't that a fabbo name?!

  5. A tote from the place mats? Will you share when you make it?
    I just got the most beautiful placemats at T.J.Maxx for $3 and was wondering what I could make from them.They are such a pretty robin's egg blue.I didn't want them for dining really.I can't sew but my friend can.
    You got some great deals,lucky you!

  6. I love the apron and placemats! What size Keds do you wear? I have a pair that my mom's friend gave me -- they look brand new -- and if I can't wear them after my foot surgery, you can have them. I have to check but I think they're 8's or 8.5's.


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