December 3, 2010

{ Pink Saturday }

I haven't participated in Pink Saturday for a LONG while! My last contribution was way back when my blog had a different name and theme! I really missed it!

I jus have a couple of things to share...

My sister found some PINK vintage ornaments for me at Goodwill yesterday. I've been looking everywhere for some, but pink ones tend to be a little spendy. These were 99 cents!

I was visiting blogs this AM and happened upon these....

I want some SOOO bad! Unfortunately the web site where they come from is all out of this design. I'm going to continue to look other places.

Hop on over to Beverly's blog...How Sweet the Sound to join in the pink festivities!

Don't forget to enter my Holiday Happiness Giveaway! You have til December 15th!


  1. Great find in those pink ornaments-I would have grabbed them too-hope you find those fun sneakers!

  2. G'morn, Lori ~ I love the pink ornies, great find.

    What I wouldn't do for those sneakers. If you find them elsewhere, lmk, pul-eez!

    Have a beautiful winter day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Love your vintage ornaments!! What a treasured find. Happy Pink Saturday! Dru

  4. the ornaments!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Get out of town! Can't believe you found those ornaments for .99! What a deal. Those tennis shoes rock.
    I'm the newest follower of your lovely blog and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Happy PS!

  6. Wow, you are so lucky to find those gorgeous ornaments for only 99cents! I can't imagine why anyone would give them away!

    Best wishes and happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Lovin' these pink vintage ornaments!

  8. Those pink ornaments are great but those flowered sneakers are fabulous. Hope you find some. Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Absolutely love the pink vintage ornaments. What a great find. Those tennis shoes are perfect!

  10. Love those shoes! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. OH those sneakers are adorable !!!!!! These old arches can't wear converse anymore - but sheesh I would've worn those in a sec in my younger days !

    Happy Pink Saturday !


  12. Great shoes! You lucked out with those ornaments, they're gorgeous! Isn't it the best to have a sister to look out for your interests?! Happy Pink and have a terrific week!


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