November 30, 2011

{ Christmas Dishes )

Been wanting some pretty Christmas dishes and finally found what I want. Could only afford two dinner plates and two salad plates right now, but I can always add a few at a time.

Been doing a little decorating. Still need to by a few craft items to finish a couple of projects. Will share pics when it's complete! AND we're hitting all the thrift stores on Friday, so I'll be sure to share my goodie finds...if any. Pickin's have been slim lately.

More anon...

PS: Still have some Hollyhock seeds...a little bit of springtime! Email me if you want some!


  1. Now those I like- I am not into Christmas china. Too hokey for me, but I like this.

  2. Those are really pretty and like Tete-I'm not into Christmas china-but those are elegant and simple. I haven't been finding much vintage christmas out there either and I've heard that from others. Happy Hunting to you!

  3. You chose a very pretty pattern for the holidays. At least it is what you want, even at a piece at a time. That is the best way.

  4. Oh those are just gorgeous. I could see why you would want to collect them.

  5. Very pretty dishes - I love holiday dishes and am surprised to read the above first 2 comments! You will enjoy them, even if you just put them on display! Thanks for stopping by Pandora's Box!

  6. That's a beautiful plate, and I'm not over fond of Christmas!

  7. Oh YES... I LOVE those lovely Christmas plates... I don't have any at all.... no place to store one more dish around here! :-)


  8. Hello, Lovely! You have a very lovely blog! I think I saw these plates at TJMaxx and resisted! I tried to focus on shopping for others! I hope they still have them soon- or I can offer suggestions for Christmas! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog! Would LOVE hollyhock seeds if you still have any. It reminds me of the book I read to my children when home schooling, 'Hollyhock Days'. Perfect cottage flower!
    I am happy to be your newest follower!
    God Bless,

  9. Hi Lori Lynn...that is such a cool idea...thanks for using one of my pics as you background...neat!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!


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