January 13, 2012

{ Not to be outdone }

Yesterday morning I took a photo of my craft room. It is my New Year project, because right now it looks like a hurricane aftermath. It's a small room, and things just get 'shoved' in there and not properly put away. I planned to post said photo for all the world to see to motivate me to 'git 'er done'. Then I got called in to work an extra shift. When I got home at 10'ish last night I decided to blog hop for awhile before turning in. Visited my good friend Deb at Garage Sale Gal and what did I find?? SHE is working on her craft room and hers looks about the same as mine!! LOL!

Here's my pic......

Heinous, isn't it? I'm embarrassed. It's got to be totally rearranged 'cuz I'm out of room. Taking out the table because I really don't 'do' anything in there. I drag my projects out to the kitchen or dining room table, so it's basically going to be just for storage. Doesn't help that it's also our home office. I need to put all of my fabric back in totes and off shelves 'cuz I'm tired of kitties using it for napping places.

Anyway, that's my closet skeleton. Hop on over to Deb's blog 'cuz she's giving away some of her 'stuff' that she's culling from her craft room. I just might do that as well, but don't hold your breath! It's going to be awhile!!!


  1. Looks better than mine- the extra bedroom was supposed to be my crafty place, but I still do it at the kitchen table. I have a lot to do this spring when I can get the guys to help big time.
    Kitties do find the dumbest places to sleep...and poop. Got one of the older ones who has decided that right in front of our shower door is the place to go. What's up with that???
    Stopped it with a puppy pad.

  2. It does appear you have a lot of work to do.

  3. LOL....guess we both will be very busy getting our craft rooms in order!
    Who will be the first one to get it done! LOL!!
    Happy weekend!

  4. I've got a couple of rooms to work in and I hope to get to them this winter,seems overwhelming though. Once I get a plan and get started, it helps! Good luck!

  5. Bless your heart... :-) There is no way I'm posting a studio picture right now. It's all sorted and straightened.....well, as well as it can be in light of the volume of "stuff" in a little, bitty space. It's been on my agenda for MONTHS. :-)


  6. Hi Lori, Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment. Hope you can make it over this way for a show - soon! Take care, M.


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