January 25, 2012

{ Thriftin' fun... }

Not much in the stores these days, but we go anyway. Thought I would share a couple treasures I found recently.

Sweet white chenille bed jacket for nighttime reading sessions in bed.....

Pretty plate and candle stick that I made a cookie plate out of......

A really pretty cotton sheet that's destined for a quilt backing. 
This is so pretty..reminds me of Greengate.

This BEAUTIFUL hand painted tray for $2.99!

And speaking of thrifted sheets, here's valance I made from a sheet for our dining room window....

Lovin' it!!!

What treasures have you found lately?????


  1. That bed jacket is fabbo - makes me want to read in bed all day!

    1. Sweet isn't it? It was actually hanging with the outerwear at Goodwill. I almost missed it!

  2. LOVE your curtains! Great finds too!
    How's the craft room coming along??! Mine is at a stand still lately.

  3. It's coming along nicely...on paper. Trying to map out my plan of attack. Need to move furniture, etc.

  4. Love all the finds you have this time...I have always made curtains out of sheets! They last forever!

  5. You scored some wonderful items-I especially love that tray-what a great price!


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